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Please feel free to review any or all of the videos below. They are packed with great information about learning to drive!

Texting While Driving PSA Heddlu Gwent Police Force UK This powerful video being used as part of a new campaign at high schools in the United Kingdom to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving. With the help of actors and special effects, the video graphically shows the crash and aftermath of what could happen when a driver is distracted.

As an Albany car accident attorney, I believe parents of young drivers should view this video and then decide if it can be used as a tool to discuss the dangers of texting while driving.

Cell phone use and texting while driving is a growing problem on roads and highways across the country. Seeing a scenario played out right before your eyes is a powerful reminder of how extremely dangerous texting while driving can be and what devastating consequences it can have.

I hope that after watching this film you will think twice before picking up your cell phone when behind the wheel and realize that a quick reply to a text message or answering a phone call is never worth putting yours or other peoples lives at risk.

Parental guidance and viewer discretion is recommended.

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