Preparing New Drivers for the Road Ahead

Take our comprehensive driver ed course at our Evanston driving school. Gain confidence behind-the-wheel and learn the rules of the road with our Illinois state-approved driver ed program.

Obtaining a driver's license is a big step for anyone. For new teen drivers, it is one of the first major milestones as they transition into adulthood. Learning to be a confident and defensive driver is an important life skill. Parents of new drivers need to feel comfortable that their child is well prepared to become a responsible member of the driving population.

Learn defensive driving from our Evanston, IL driving school

Consider the facts:

  • Teen drivers are 20 times more likely to be involved in a crash than adult drivers. 
  • 33% of all first-year drivers are involved in a collision.
  • Most crashes are caused by driver error.

American Defensive Driving School uses the latest AAA How to Drive classroom materials combined with Illinois-certified teaching professionals with over 10 years of experience. This curriculum teaches teens through video, real-life examples, and interactive activities.

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Classroom Training


Oct 17 - Nov 9
4:30 pm
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Classes will be held October 17, 2023 through November 9, 2023. Monday through Thursday 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm. Monday October 16th we will have virtual Parent Orientation at 6pm (Minimum enrollment 10 students)

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