Driver Ed FAQ


How much will it cost?

How do I enroll my teen in a class at ADDS?

At what age may I enroll my teen in ADDS?


What happens if I need to cancel my student's registration?

What forms of payment are accepted?

Is there a sibling discount?

What is the blue form?

When is payment due for the class?


When is the Illinois Secretary of States Office open?

How do I get an Illinois Temporary Visitors Drivers License?

Do I have to insure my child when he/she gets a permit?

How do I know that my child has completed the course?

When can my teen start driving?

What documents do I need to get my permit?

How does my teen get his/her permit application?

What is the minimum age to get a learners permit?

What is the graduated drivers licensing program (GDL)?

How long is the classroom session?

Behind The Wheel

How do I sign up for a BTW Session?

Why is there a $75 cancellation fee?

How do I cancel a BTW appointment?

How many BTW's can I schedule each week?

What if there are no available drives on the website?

What is BTW?


How do I make up a classroom session that I missed?

Can my teen miss a class?

License Information

What documents do I need to bring for the Road Test?

What vehicle do we use for the road test?

When can my teen take the road test for his/her license?

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our driving school programs and Illinois driver's license requirements.